Happy New Digital Year!

Year 2020 is almost over… what a year was it! Year 2020 was dominated by global pandemic – COVID-19 – a gloomy event which was and still is getting exclusive media attention.

However, in this article I want to stress the positive sides of current global events. Despite atrocious parts of lock-down and isolation, there are good parts as well: it gave us more time to spend with our families, it helped us to see our world from different perspective and finally it helped us to tackle old problems in new ways.

Year 2020 was Truly Digital

The lock-downs forced us to do our job over the Internet. Obviously the doctors (and not only), the heroes of the this year, they can’t do their job over Internet. However, a great number of us – can perform our tasks remotely – IT employers, accountants, lawyers for example fall into this category. Even restaurants can operate in remote mode (order food online only). I could go as far as telling that even groceries stores could be exclusively online… but I won’t; suffice to say, that new perspective emerged – many jobs can be carried online.

The fact that lots of work can be done remotely is not new. What is new, is execution part of it which because of prolonged pandemic – is turning into a habit. By now, many people assimilated the idea that remotely is efficient. By the end of 2020, many companies finally decided to jump into the truly digital mode – and this achievement is something which is worth pondering. Going digital is remarkable accomplishment of the year 2020!

Papermerge in 2020

Papermerge was published open source on 6th of January 2020. Since then, its user-base steadily grew. In one single year, Papermerge docker image was downloaded 1 Million times! Papermerge github repository got around 900 stars, 20 contributors, 250 issues out of which 50 are pull requests!

For such short time span is truly remarkable achievement!

Digital 2021

I wish that in year 2021 our life goes back to normal in all aspects but one – the digital part of it. I wish that we learn from year 2020 that we can be efficient, can save money and time just by changing our attitudes towards digitization. And finally, in context of Papermerge, I wish that great deal of physical paper will emerge into digital mode. Scanning paper and using its digital counterpart means going truly digital.

Happy New Year!