Papermerge 2.0 Updates

Papermerge 2.0 entered into feature freeze mode, which means no more new features will be added to version 2.0 and whole focus shifts from development to testing. Unfortunately, important features like LDAP didn’t made it to this release. LDAP authentication was postponed for 2.1. In following 2 weeks I will do a lot of testing (developers name it quality assurance, or QA). The main point of following two weeks of QA is to remove the most obvious and most annoying bugs.

This means that on 24th of January 2021 I will tag so called release candidate for version 2.0

LDAP authentication feature was postponed to 2.1

I am aware that LDAP authentication together with OAuth are “must have” features. However I decided to postpone those features for future releases. The reason for postponing them is that there were too many higher priority features and issues which made release already packed with way too much stuff. By the way there is a pull request for LDAP feature. However, the problem with that pull request is that extra features like LDAP are not meant to be part of core application – they need to be designed as external plugins.

Papermerge Core

Another important change is that I extracted the most important functionality of Papermerge into a separate reusable (Django) app. That app is titled Papermerge Core. Papermerge core is available as python package via pypi as well. Having core functionality as separate component makes it reusable in other projects. It can be included into a new Django project and add custom changes, extra apps and project specific configurations.