Papermerge 2.0.0.rc35 is Out!

Finally! Papermerge 2.0 is out! Well, almost. It is first release candidate – which means it passed quality assurance phase and is stable now.

It features following improvements:

  1. Desktop-like UI (now with context menu, instead of )
  2. Re-run Automates – user can trigger manually automations
  3. Trigger re-run of OCR for selected documents (you can see OCRed text as well)
  4. Non-destructive versioning (you always have original available, other changes are saved as new versions)
  5. Apps support
  6. No more pdftk dependency. For pdf operations will use stapler instead.
  7. Email inbox enhancement
  8. UI preferences (email configuration, localization are now in user preferences menu)
  9. User roles (i.e. better permissions management)