Roadmap for Papermerge 2.1 & 2.2

A few weeks ago Papermerge 2.0 was released. Then 2.0.1, a minor security release, followed. While working on next version I will continue supporting version 2.0 with minor releases and security updates.

Let’s speak little bit about future versions.

Papermerge 2.1

By far, the most asked feature, which perfectly makes sense, is automation of metadata extraction. This will be the number one, high priority feature for version 2.1.
Hand in hand with automated metadata extraction comes – search by metadata. In Papermerge 2.1 will feature search & filter documents by metadata fields.
Next feature, again which will be part of 2.1, is my all time favorite – and I promise you will love it as well. Papermerge 2.1 will be real time application. Yes, you read it right – real time!. What does it mean ? It means that you will receive in real time notification and changes about documents. Each document will have some sort of “status led” which will indicate if it was OCRed or no, and how may pages were already OCRed and how many are still left. If there will be two users (A and B) with same document D opened and user A deletes a page in document D – user B will see that change in real time (without refreshing).
Also there are some UX improvements like drag & drop.

Papermerge 2.2

For papermerge 2.2 I will focus on external authentications like LDAP and SSO. Yes, i know, LDAP is very important. But is of lesser priority than say “automated metadata extraction”. Also, real time user user feedback is way more important than same LDAP authentication. Thus LDAP and SSO moved to 2.2.