Say ‘Hi!’ to the New Blog!

I experimented with many different blogging software. I think I’ve tried the whole spectrum from the static generated pages like Jekyll, Hugo, I played for a while with Wegtail and couple of other similar solutions.

After a while obviously I landed on self hosted WordPress. And because apparently self hosted wordpress did not inflict enough pain, I ventured to build my own, custom WordPress theme!

Long story short – I finally decided for the most obvious choice – hosted WordPress. Basically I created an account with today, bought premium tier, imported my self hosted instance data and here we are!

The new url for the blog is Because cool URIs never change, the URL will stay there and it will remain as valid URI, however it will redirect you to the new

Let me show you what I mean:

By the way, redirect works just perfectly if you append a slash at the end:

If you are a non-technical type of person, the trailing slash might not look a big deal, however to make redirect work with and without trailing slash you need to have some fun with regular expressions.

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