On Rewriting Software

Some people say never “rewrite the code from scratch” because it is the “single worst strategic mistake that any software company can make”. Other people say “never say never”. Maybe sometimes it makes sense to rewrite at least partially the code base? Maybe not? I will discuss at length this interesting idea in a later blog post, but for now, in this very short article I just want to confess.

Yes, my dear reader, it did that – I rewrote Papermerge 2.0 almost entirely. To be exact, I rewrote around 80% of the code base. To say it straight – all development of from Papermerge 2.0.1 on, which means from 9th of April 2021 to today, which is 19th of July 2022, is nothing else then rewriting of the main code base.

Do you know which version number it will be? It will be released as 2.1 version. Yes, I know what some people are saying, I know that what I am doing is completely against the rules. But such is the faith of unlucky rules – to be broken from time to time.

You may ask, my dear reader, was the rewriting worth the sweat? Was it worth the light of midnight candle for some many months? You may ask, my reader, shall you invest your sweat, your time and your money in rewriting software? I don’t know. At least, I don’t about you – and how can I ? But I enjoyed the whole ride! I enjoyed the whole painful and contradictory pleasure. I enjoyed the flow.

Yes, my dear reader, that is my confession, I rewrote Papermerge 2.0 almost entirely.

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