Papermerge 2.1.0 is finally out!

Finally release 2.1.0 is here! It's been a while since work started on this release.Anyhow, as mentioned in README file of this repository, the actual releases happen in papermerge/papermerge-core repository (current repo i.e. ciur/papermerge is meta repository which keeps track of all other repos). The biggest change what happened since last beta release is that REST API interface is … Continue reading Papermerge 2.1.0 is finally out!

Version 2.1.0b1 is Out!

Actually, it is safe to say that Papermerge was entirely rewritten - that's why this release took 18 months to reach beta!In any case, here is in nutshell what's new: What's New frontend is separate applicationfrontend features desktop like look and feelfrontend features dual panel modefrontend features realtime document OCR status updatesapplication is fully RESTulREST … Continue reading Version 2.1.0b1 is Out!

Start Papermerge in 2 minutes with Portainer

In this article I will show you how you can quickly start latest development version of Papermerge using Portainer. Please keep in mind that latest development version of Papermerge is still an early alpha - which means that it is feature incomplete and very buggy - it is definitely not ready for production. Even though … Continue reading Start Papermerge in 2 minutes with Portainer

On Progress

I have a couple of words to say about Papermerge's development progress - is painfully slow. It is so not because lack of commitment of work - it is so because of the nature of "progress". Progress is done in small, incremental steps with a lot of experimenting, trials and errors between each step.

Organization & Structure

In this article I will discuss the way Papermerge project repositories are organized and ideas driving those organizational structures. I need to give appropriate credit to my ignorance - when I started Papermerge project I did not know about GitHub's Organizations i.e. that you can group related code repositories under one single umbrella or Organization … Continue reading Organization & Structure

Say ‘Hi!’ to the New Blog!

I experimented with many different blogging software. I think I've tried the whole spectrum from the static generated pages like Jekyll, Hugo, I played for a while with Wegtail and couple of other similar solutions. After a while obviously I landed on self hosted WordPress. And because apparently self hosted wordpress did not inflict enough … Continue reading Say ‘Hi!’ to the New Blog!

Real Time DMS

In these mini series of blog posts I want to focus on Papermerge features currently being developed. I will describe in detail the motivation behind those additions, the development status and the roadmap. Features I am speaking about are following: Real Time (subject of current post)Dual PanelPerformance Improvements / RefactoringOCRmyPDF integration Each of above mentioned … Continue reading Real Time DMS