Papermerge 2.0.0.rc35 is Out!

Finally! Papermerge 2.0 is out! Well, almost. It is first release candidate - which means it passed quality assurance phase and is stable now. It features following improvements: Desktop-like UI (now with context menu, instead of )Re-run Automates - user can trigger manually automationsTrigger re-run of OCR for selected documents (you can see OCRed text … Continue reading Papermerge 2.0.0.rc35 is Out!

DMS, EMDS, AMS or maybe RMS – the quest for correct title

Most of the times I refer to Papermerge as "application which manages scanned documents". It is natural term to use, because this is exactly what Papermerge focuses on. However, term scanned documents can be misleading, because the Papermerge is very useful even if you don't have a scanner or never scanned a document in your … Continue reading DMS, EMDS, AMS or maybe RMS – the quest for correct title

Hello paper world!

Now Papermerge has a blog! All articles in this blog will be about Papermerge document management system, its use-cases, and its development. As typical software programmer I am more comfortable with writing application code or deployment recipes; however while writing documentation and responding to support tickets, little by little my writing skills improved and now … Continue reading Hello paper world!